Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Beloved Friends...Thanks to be there for me...

Untuk semua kawan-kawanku....that i really care n love...more than words can say...
Thanks to be my good,best,great,nice buddies to guys are great bunch of people and you all have lighten up my life.. i always believe that the world is filled with many trusted and nice people all around...freinds who will always be there to support and to encourage to make this world more than just an ordinary place to live in...
My dear friends, life is never easy and nothing is free...we have to really go out there...grab all the 'opportunities' face all challenges....but not to forget "Allah" for what we are, what we do and what we's all with His blessing..
Kawan-kawanku, thanks to be my understanding and supporting freinds...last few years masa aku give up with one relationship yang tak menjadi...huah..huah.. with my ex........(biarlah rahsia)....banyak kata2 semangat n peransang yang aku dapat...wah..wah...semua nya pandai mengeluarkan kata2 motivasi time ya.. macam-macam lah...sik dapat ingat semua...
Sia-sia jak rasa menangis time ya...but i just cannot control my tears from fall... sakitnya tuhan jak tauk...congek jak time ya...siang malam nangis...rasa dunia sudah berakhir...he..he...luckly..ada kitak be there for me... in my difficult time....masa ya air mata memang murahan..i felt very desperated everything that i done is wrong. I kept ask to myself why he left me...why... masa ya nya memang everything lah....even when i do my favorite hobby still can't get him out of my mind...being without him after so many time to spend with him...memang sukar...mun fikir balik sekarang...sik da lah nya ya best gilak..wakaka...
langsung tak berbaloi...mun lah masa dapat di ulang..sumpah aku sik akan nangis...buang air mata jak..It's true..Allah want us to meet a wrong people before we meet the right one, we can see the big difference and we could appreaciated it and keep it for life, if it's bitter at the start, then it's sweeter in the end, life must goes on, it's really true that everything happened was not a coincidence but it was happened for a special reason....and only Allah knows of yourself to do the best for your life, you can choose good or bad...happy or hurt not depend on by your condition, you have your power to make your life more goodly, things happen for a good reason, we might not understand it at first, but we will eventually we need pain and misfortunes, to remind us of the more important things in life, we lost the things that we love but we must understand that's is a part of our life... sometimes we think we are the best planner for our lifes... but we have to realize His plan is BETTER than us....believe that everything happening to us Allah has a purpose for it...When we trully love some one, we need to let them go, and we need to be happy for them eventhough he's with someone else..
Life will always have the ups and downs..we can always plan for the best of life but sometimes it didnt happen the way we want it to be...always believe that things happen for good reason...
We tend to forgive and say want to forget but yet we never want to let go... once we 'redha' with whatever that had happened in the past, slowly we'll be ready to face reality of life and move on..
It's hurt when we a in love with some one but cannot be together...that's the risk of love, it can be the greatest thing on earth....and it also can be most painful pain in the world....tak kira apa pun alasan...tapi percayalah....we lost it because of fate...Allah nak ganti dengan yang lebih baik..
My dear friends,
Sometimes, we've been so busy trying to make our dreams come true, putting our best to make our life near to perfect, making other people's happay becoz their happiness provide great satisfaction to ourselves...trying to do too much and strect to the maximum, hoping by doing that we will one day achieve what we wish to achieve..
At some point of the journey, we will then feel so down, for not achieving certain target in life...financially or non financially, and thoughh how much we try to maintain the positive attitude and the 'i can do it' spirit within our own self...there's a limit to that as well...
That is when we have to start taking a step back...understand the reality of life and start normalising the dreams and much as we plan, life is just so unpredictable to make it a life full with what we wish for...but one thing for sure, Believe in God's fate and never give up...prayer would help as least when things that we wish for cant materialised, we know that we have tried our very best...
We never know one fine day, the unpredictables can make our life even better... believe in miracles coz they do come true sometimes (if we are among the lucky ones)....keep on believing in can never be perfect but we can always try to make it better...i hope for so many things to happen to me...what i am trying to say is I wish for great things struck my life...well, i guess i have now learnt to dream no more...let things be just how it should be... bak kata one of my freind, Yan...just follow the flow.....Ada sesetengah perkara yang ditakdirkan bukan hak kita...tak kira macam mana gigih dan kuatnya usaha kita ke arah perkara itu...itu realiti dan hakikat..Ingat...Pasti ada hikmah..yang kita tidak tahu...Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada...If only we can see how lucky we are compare to others, only then we might be thankful of what we got..Keep on hoping for miracles to happen...but sometimes its better just to be prudent about things...if miracles is ever gonna happen then, that will be a bonus..learning to take things easy rather than being serious and too involved with everything that we do...whatever will be will be...the future not us to see...biar Allah yang menentukan.....
To my best friend at Kuching, Maryah...aku harap apa yang aku tulis tok dapat make u feel better in ur difficult time now....things want to happen susah mauk cakap...jangan menyesal...just forgive n forget..sik guna menangis..bazir air mata have ur family...freinds that really love lupakan apa yang berlaku..k...ceria selalu..sik kira apa pun...i will be there for you..
Life can never be perfect...we always want to make our life great but at some point, we have to thank God for making our life just enough, better than those who suffer or at worse off position...
Akhir kata....hopefully our friendship never be lasted....Thanks for everything...and sorry for everything....Halalkan semuanya ok...
"Ya Allah...Ampunilah kami, Panjangkan lah umur kami, murahkanlah rezeki kami, berikanlah hidayahmu kepada kami, rahmatilah kami,angkatlah darjat kami ,afiatkanlah kami....Tabahkanlah hati kami dalam menempuh ujianmu..Jadikanlah kami orang yang bersyukur...Berikanlah kami kebaikan di dunia dan di akhirat...Ameen.."
Lastly but not least...i would like to dedicate this song to the lyrics..understand it...feel it..
KU MOHON - Sheila Majid
Setiap hariku,
Mohon Agar kau sentiasa
Memberiku Ketenangan
Dalam Hati Kekuatan
Menempuh segala
Dugaan yang mencabar ini
pasti..punya ertinya..
Kau beriku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi Semua Dalam Tenang
Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu mengawasi gerak geriku
Berkatilah...Ku perlu Rahmat dariMu
Oh Tuhan terangkan hati dalam sanubariku
Untuk menempuh segala hidup penuh cabaran ini
Oh Tuhan ku berserah segalanya kepadaMu
Agar jiwaku tenang dengan bimbinganMu selalu
Adakala ku merasa
Hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku melalui semua itu
Kuatkanlah Cekalkanlah diriku
Sinarkanlah limpahMu pada diriku......
I LUV U ALL....Muah...Muah....Muah...

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